Sarazen Brooks Original Artwork

Acrylic on canvas

Size: 16" x 16"

A message from Neptune:

My name is Neptune.

Talented, great, wise and mighty am I.

But nothing holds a candle to the creative

God-force that is within you.

And it is that creational Divine spark,

That is within you, that lights the universe,

That I seek to fan, to flourish

And to turn into a great inferno of sorts.

I seek to inspire through action.

It is only the inaction in daydreams,

That comes from people who do not know

How to enact their plan.

Often stemming from an insecurity.

My inspiration is to strike about a change.

A ripple effect throughout the space-time continuum

Folds of your life.

It is only those who resist my magnetic change,

That stand to feel the wrath of my fog.

That can bring about disillusionment,

Confusion and immobility.

But that fog only becomes present,

When you are resisting your plan

And the wisdom that I am trying to share with you

In these higher realms.

The fog is my inverse side, or my dark side

And it is a Natural Law

That seeks to balance itself out.

As a Law of Resistance

Seeks to push you back in your highest direction.

Embrace the clarity that is my future vision

That I share with you now

And know that they are unobtainable,

Or else they would never be shown.

If you would like to enquire about commissioning a similar piece of artwork, please email hello@sarazenbrooks.com