Sarazen Brooks Original Artwork

Acrylic with medium on canvas

Size: 36" x 48"

Custom framing included

Pink-Verse was formerly known as the Butterfly Nebula, because I was seeing a nebula created of butterflies as I painted it. It has a bright booming energy. This is a rendering of an abstract universe, one of my own conceptions.  Philosophers say that if one can conceive of something, then it must exist somewhere in our infinite multiverse— otherwise the whole is not greater than the sum of its parts. I strongly believe in that concept based on my experiences, so in that light, the Pink-Verse I've painted must exist in tangible form, somewhere in the multiverse. The great artist Michelangelo once said that the sculptures he wanted to sculpt were already in there—hidden in the block of marble—all he had to do was break off the excess. This meant that all possible sculptures were already inside the block of marble. In the same light, I feel this Pink-Verse painting is a reminder of the vastness of our infinite multiverse, a reminder that anything we can conceive of, already exists in tangible form, somewhere. Let this painting raise your mind into the realms of the infinite.

Message from Pink-Verse:

“I resonate strongly with the energies of the angels and fairies that were called in to my my guardianship and steward my existence in this plain the moment I was created. I am gentle, fun, playful and can help you feel the softer side of life. I am great for those needing deep recovery and recharging of emotional energies. Because I am also governed by beings in the fairy Kingdom such as Oonah, one of my gifts for you is manifestation, in particularly helping you achieve the end process of you goal with enhanced ease and grace.”

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